Over 50 percent young professionals to look for job change in 2017: Survey

The government’s move on demonetisation has not affected professional expectations in 2017, as more than 49 per cent employees expect to change jobs and more than 50 per cent of them are looking forward to a substantial increment, a new survey has revealed.

The findings show that more than 49 per cent expect to change jobs as they are expecting the economy to catch up and more than 50 per cent of them are looking forward to a substantial increment, a survey by Ed-Tech firm Talentedge has revealed.

The survey was conducted by Talentedge among over 1,000 young professionals across eight metros via one on one interviews, giving an insight into how the young working professionals don’t see demonetisation as a threat to their professional expectations.

With demonetisation settling in, the Indian economy is likely to witness a change in the coming years, he opined.

The survey revealed that while many sectors have been hit hard owing to their reliance on cash transactions, there are a couple who have witnessed a massive boost in their business.

Irrespective of the big demonetisation jolt, young professionals have high expectations from 2017, it said.

Due to demonetisation, the economy will be slow in the forthcoming year, and however, as per the survey the youth is still aiming for high increments and growth.

Surprisingly, the survey also revealed that the younger professionals, aged between 21-24 years, were less likely to switch jobs than the 25-30 age groups.

However, the survey found that 25-30 years age group are more realistic about the economy, the younger lot in the age group of 21-24 still have great expectations when it comes to promotions in the year 2017.

“One thing is clear, millennials carry forward their positivity irrespective of the short term hurdles, which is evident from their expectations from 2017. However, overall we can see that the youth is bullish about the economy,” Talentedge CEO and Managing Director Aditya Malik said.

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