Higher penalty mooted for labour law violations

A Bill introduced on Tuesday sought to increase the penalty for violation of labour laws by shops and other establishments in the State by several folds from the original penalty, which fixed was in 1947.

The Bill, which was tabled by the Labour Minister, Nilofer Kafeel, stated that whoever contravened the provisions of certain sections of the Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishments Act, 1947, shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs. 5,000, if the offence is committed for the first time; and for the second and subsequent offence, the fine would extend to Rs. 10,000.

As per Section 41 of the Act, a person employed shall have a right to appeal to the appellate authority within such time either on the ground that there was no reasonable cause for dispensing with his services or on the ground that he had not been guilty of misconduct as held by the employer.