Tailors demand welfare board, pension for over 60 years of age

Tailors attached to Tamil Nadu Thaiyar Kalai Thozhilalargal Munnetra Sangam observed a day’s fast as part of their State-wide protest on Monday.
They were demanding constitution of a separate welfare board for tailors and grant of pension for those aged above 60 years.
There are nearly 20,000 members of the association in Vellore district, according to M.A. Jayapal, State deputy general secretary of the association.


“We have been demanding constitution of a separate welfare board for tailors. Currently, we are part of the unorganised workers welfare board,” he said.
The association members demanded that the government provide electricity at subsidised rate for tailor shops.
Mr. Jayapal added that the Tamil Nadu government should give orders for stitching government school uniforms to women tailors, who were registered with the association.
They also demanded that workers, who have completed 60 years of age and are registered with the welfare board, should be given pension without any conditions.
The members also wanted the welfare board’s financial assistance to be increased — Rs. 5,000 as pension, Rs. 50,000 as assistance for death due to natural causes and Rs. five lakh as assistance for death due to accidents.
They also wanted the free sewing machines, which were distributed every year through the Social Welfare Department, to be given to women members of the association.