Police to collect data on migrant workers

After several robberies and crime incidents involving people from other states, the city police have decided to collect details about migrant labourers in the city.
Commissioner of police K Periaiah said a number of cases have been reported in which migrant labourers were involved. “Some come in the guise of labourers to commit crimes and sometimes workers who come here to work start committing crimes. So, to ensure the security of the city we have decided to hold meetings with various associations and city-based industrialists to collect data of these workers. The employers should submit the workers name, address, and Aaadhar card information,” he said.
Inspectors of Peelamedu and Saravanamaptti police stations have already begun work, said a police officer. “Workers who come to the city are engaged in construction, jewellery, manufacturing sectors and other works. We would make the employer accountable in case of any crime,” said an official.
Police were working on a data sheet which will be circulated to the people. “We want public participation for the work to be successful. Hundreds of workers come to the city every week and if all their names and details are with police, they would be scared to commit crime. Also, we could easily track them if they commit any crime,” said Periaiah.

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