Code on Industrial Relations is ready, now it’s going for cabinet approval- The Ministry of Labour and Employment

Aimed at easing the existing labour laws, Central Government is taking steps of codification and amalgamation of 44 Central labour laws into four codes in order to simplify them: Code on Wages, Code on Industrial Relations, Code of Social Security, and Code on Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions

The ‘Code on Industrial Relations’ is ready and has already being presented to the Law Ministry, Now it’s going for cabinet approval”, Labour Secretary Heeralal Samariya said.

Samariya said the ‘Code on Wage’ has already been presented in the Lok Sabha and has gone to the Standing Committee of the Parliament for further deliberations.  The ‘Code on Social Security’ and the ‘Code on Working Conditions’  are almost ready and will be put for discussion soon he said. He also added that the government is committed to bringing reforms in labour laws at the earliest.

Talking on achievements of his ministry, he said they were able to pass the maximum number of amendments in existing laws/present bills in Parliament in the last two years.

“The maximum number of bills/acts presented in Parliament are from our ministry. We have amended the Maternity Benefit Act, Bonus Act, and Gratuity Act. Besides, we have amended the Employees Compensation Act as well as the Payment of Wages Act also during the last two and half years,” Samariya said

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