Sexual harassment: Women can't always be treated as innocent victims, says Delhi Court

Women can't always be treated as "innocent gullible victims" in all the cases, a Delhi court said in a case where a women was found 'lying' about sexual harassment by her employer. Considering the growing trend of false FIRs of rape and other sexual crimes, the court noted that stereotyping women as "innocent gullible victims" in all scenarios is not correct and such false cases should be dealt with sternly.
According to a ToI report, the court's observations came in a case where a woman employee was found "lying" about sexual harassment charges on her employer and later retracting from the complaint given to the police and court. 

Taking strict stand in this case, the court has ordered Delhi Police to book the woman on charges of furnishing false evidence. 

According to the report, the woman had alleged sexual harassment by her employer as she was the only employee left in the company. However, the employer, refuted the charges and claimed that the woman was trying to extort money. 

While deposing before court, the woman had claimed that she had not lodged any complaint against the accused. She also denied giving statements, bearing her signatures, either before the police or under 164 CrPC before the court. But when court asked her to sign on a blank sheet to compare it to the earlier statements having her signatures, the court found the woman had "deliberately" signed in a "shaky writing" to turn hostile. 

Calling it disregard of legal process, the court said evasive replies of the complainant show she is deliberately lying before the court. The court went on to say the it can't shut eyes to the reality of false FIRs. It said that the court should not stand as a mute spectator on these actions of subversion of judicial process 

"Judicial process can't be overturned by witnesses who do somersaults in court. Such witnesses should be dealt with sternly," the court said.


  1. I being an ICC Internal Compliance Committee member and POSH Prevention of Sexual Harassment trainer, we do address such issues. Very informative.
    Dr. J. Vasanthakumari
    Consultant psychologist

  2. Even if it is not rape and consensus sex, and if woman gets pregnant and man denies marriage, what about the safety and security of baby to come?
    Should the baby left to suffer in this world as an orphan or with a single parent for no wrong of its own doing?