35% of women left former employee due to lack of opportunities for career progression: PwC report

A newly released report by PwC suggests that 35% of women respondents who had recently changed employers left their former employee cited lack of opportunities for career progression as the primary reason.
Female and male respondents ranked opportunities for career progression among the top three employer traits, along with competitive wages and flexible work arrangements. Female career starters and female millennials identified this as the most attractive employer trait, as did women overall in Brazil, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa and the UAE, according to a release.

“When you look at what drives job satisfaction, people clearly seek opportunities for career progression. Putting in place formal career progression plans is one way of making sure employees remain motivated and committed to the organisation,” said Bob Moritz, Global Chairman of PwC.
PwC surveyed 4,792 professionals (3,934 women, 845 men) with recent experience of the jobs market from 70 countries to find out about their career aspirations and employer diversity experiences and expectations.
The report named – Winning the fight for female talent: How to gain the diversity edge through inclusive recruitment –looks at what employers can do to attract and retain female talent.
Organisations are using innovative programmes to attract key female talent, the release stated. For example, returnship programmes are proving to be a successful bridge for talented professionals to return to work after an extended career break. Over a quarter (28%) of employers have already adopted a formal returner programme, and a further 25% are currently exploring this opportunity, suggesting employers are recognising the potential of these programmes
Satyavati Berera, Chief Operating Officer, PwC India said, “At PwC, we offer unique programmes to take care of the special needs of women employees in different phases of their lives and their advancement as leaders.”
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“We are aware that this is an important aspect from a talent brand standpoint, especially for young recruits. Therefore, to position ourselves as an employer of choice, we showcase the success stories of our women employees and aim to hire, inspire and develop women leaders of the future,” she adds.