Soon, you won't need to carry your certificates for jobs and admissions

 There will soon be no need for physical of educational certificates during admissions. In a revolutionary move that will benefit students, recruiters and educational institutions, an arm of depository services provider National Securities Depository Limited has started the process of dematerialising education certificates.

  The  has been the first to share the exam results of 27 lakh students with NSDL Database Management
  Most other educational institutions are expected to sign up by next year.
  NSDL assigned the job of dematerialising education records to NSDL Database Management following an order of the ministry of human resource development to set up a National Academic Depository (NAD).

   "We expect all universities and academic institutions of national importance, central universities and school boards to upload the data of examination performance," said NSDL managing director 
  The benefits are two-fold for educational institutions that sign up. First, the task of maintaining a database of exam records over the years gets outsourced.

  Second, during admissions, the academic institutions can plug into the NAD and verify the marks obtained by students in lower-level examinations.

  This will eliminate the need for authenticating physical copies of certificates. Similarly, employers can directly access students' examination records, and do not have to worry about the authenticity of marksheets.

  "For sophisticated users, like companies, we can provide access to our database so that they do not have to download records, but can automate the authentication process," said Rao.
  Rao said that although the NSDL gets rid of paper certificates, academic institutions would continue to issue certificates for some time.
  To sign up, each student will have to do the equivalent of a 'know your customer' authentication by obtaining an NSDL ID or providing their Aadhaar card. Once this is done, he/she will get an account in which his/her academic qualifications will be stored.
  According to Rao, this has the potential to expedite the disbursement of education loans.