Two Indian Companies Are Now Endorsing Paid 'Menstrual Leave' For All Their Women Employees

Culture Machine in Mumbai recently launched a video wherein they surprised their female employees with the good news. The video that seemed like an impromptu gift began with them asking what it's like to have periods.

You can totally see floods of joy gushing on their faces when they are told that they can take a paid day off. The video states a classic example of bliss, and I am sure is driving loads of applauses from women around the country.
Another company in the same league is Gozoop, a digital marketing organisation. All the female employees working for this organisation will also get a paid leave on the first day of their period
This particular organisation not only regards medical issues but also supports employees in case of educational needs. They intend to share educational expenses, give a month long paid leave to explore professional expertise, and a force shut down on New Year's and Valentine's - is this heaven or what?
The idea retracts years and years of fatal inhibition and ignorance by men and society that fails to recognise the deadly pain. Everyone who's ever gone through period can vouch that they're not unicorn farts and rainbows.
They're a punch in your shin, another and another one. The endless headaches, body ache, nausea, head rushes, cramps, and a constant state of denial